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Tusciae, Super Tuscan | Tuscany

Aged 12 months  in French oak, 50% Sangiovese, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot. Full body  with fruity hints of red berries, raisins,  black cherry  and jam. 6 glass  I 22 carafe

Sapori,  Montepulciano | Abruzzo

Medium body, with flavors  of red plum, oregano  and sour cherry. Served  chilled. 6 glass I 22 carafe

Quatro  Fratelli,  Pinot Grigio | Veneto

Medium bodied  with a fruity complexion of pineapple, apple,  orange  and peach lemon.  6 glass I 22 carafe

II Voto, Chianti  | Tuscany

Full bodied  with a fruity  complexion of red fruits and wild berries.  6 glass I 22 carafe

Bella, Lambrusco | Sorbara

Sweet  sparkling ruby red wine. Hints of red berry  and apple. 6 glass I 22 carafe

Dada,  Chardonnay | Veneto

Unoaked chardonnay. Medium body,  fruity  taste of pineapple, citrus,  butter with floral notes. 6 glass  I 22 carafe

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